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I believe the universe reveals to me who I  am supposed to work with.  I have been fortunate to represent some of the world's leading spiritual authors , organizations, films and more.  My career started in New York City as the "green room girl" for popular national morning show. Now,  I work from my small country farm with intention to support authentic voices who truly want to make a difference in the world.  As technology changes the landscape of how we communicate, first and foremost what we do is predicated on relationships, mutual respect, and co-creation.  I look forward to supporting you.


 Circle 3 Media is a boutique PR and Media agency. We specialize in promoting body, mind & spirit products and personalities that are making a powerful, positive difference in the world; with a strong emphasis on book launches, spiritual films, transformational entertainment,  natural, organic and eco-friendly products, non-profits and much more. We have launched New York Times and Amazon bestselling books, developed a PBS TV special featuring Yogi Berra, we even publicized the first episode of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday featuring Jonas Elrod.  We aim to uplift humanity by creating targeted and niche  PR and marketing strategies designed to produce maximum results.  Our goal is to AWAKEN the world  by bridging spirit with matter.


With over 25 years of public relations and media experience Circle 3 Media offers an array of services to effectively brand and highlight you , your company, and/or product with national, regional and local media coverage,  strategic partnerships, everything from book deals, national TV interviews,  blog placements, event promotion, media sponsorships and much more.  We serve a limited number of clients so we can  provide personalized one-on-one attention.  You won't get lost with us!  Let us guide you and support your vision. Your dream is our dream!  

Jill Mangino is a true partner when it comes to PR and marketing. She is both connected and trusted, and she has an ability to create alliances that are wins for all parties. Most importantly, Jill brings passion for a project, thinking of opportunities for its life span. I am incredibly grateful and honored to work with Jill.
   — Mallika Chopra, Author of Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy

  — Mallika Chopra, Author of Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy

Jill Mangino is the ‘It’ girl of Mind, Body, Spirit. I was an unknown author with no website, no platform, no contacts. With Jill’s help, my book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, launched as an Amazon bestseller. Not only is Jill intuitive and super smart, if she believes in what you do, her enthusiasm makes working with her a spiritual experience.
— Annie Kagan author of the bestselling book "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers".

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We are dedicated to communicating positive messages in the media. In that regard, we only represent clientele whose products and services inspire and uplift humankind and positively impact the planet.