Living Our Message

A  self-published author called me over the summer, she was anxious and relentless in her pursuit of  PR representation, she even wanted to push her publication date forward although I recommended some much needed editorial changes.  Finally one day, after another frantic phone call I asked her, “Aren’t you a meditation teacher?”  She confided she was and then realized that her “urgency” was not going to serve her . Hence, she chose not to make any decisions until after she attended a silent retreat.  I was relieved.  

So often we teach or write about what need to learn, or desire to “be”.  I became a “body, mind, spirit”  publicist because I am a truth seeker.  Early on in my career I had to promote things I was not passionate about or did not personally believe in.  I felt like a hypocrite or wondered if the media person on the other end of the line could tell I was feigning my enthusiasm.

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For example, if you are planning to write a book about Animal Activism , are you actually an Animal advocate? What are you doing to convince media you are an expert that you have a passion for the topic.
Readers will want to know if you a vegan, fans will want to know if you wear leather products; case in point Ellen Degeneres, who is now being publicly shamed for using leather in her clothing line as she presents herself as an Animal “Advocate".  

Running a “conscious” media company, I work very hard to “walk the talk” in my business. However, after having major back surgery this March,  I realized I was NOT practicing what I was publicizing. 
Here I have access to pre-eminent self-help teachers and authors, yet I was working 24/7, I found myself getting sick, having panic attacks, eating microwave soy mac and cheese, and becoming increasingly short tempered. I was thriving on stress and chaos, when what I truly desired was peace, well-being. 

Don’t get me wrong , I LOVE what I do but  I had an epiphany; I was NOT living the lifestyle I was promoting.  I had stopped meditating, going to yoga , eating well... basically I forgot about any form of self-care. 

So my inaugural business blog is about just that, not just self care, but actually living our message. This month, I married the love of my life , tomorrow I plan to wake up early to meditate and “chant” (I have enlisted my new husband to join me), to exercise before I start my day. Things I forgot to do or lost along the way as my business grew. I also have made a concerted effort to stop and take breaks whether playing with my dogs or just stretching my legs.  Basically, I am making choices that are aligned with what I do.   

In my point of view, as the world becomes more and more transparent, so must we. We must walk our talk. As wayshowers, we must be the change and show the way.

Whatever your message is, ask yourself …”Are you living it?”