Jill Mangino is a true partner when it comes to PR and marketing. She is both connected and trusted, and she has an ability to create alliances that are wins for all parties. Most importantly, Jill brings passion for a project, thinking of opportunities for its life span. I am incredibly grateful and honored to work with Jill.
— Mallika Chopra, Author of Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy
Jill Mangino is the ‘It’ girl of Mind/Body/Spirit PR. I was an unknown author with no website, no platform, no contacts. With Jill’s help, my book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, launched as an Amazon bestseller. Not only is Jill intuitive and super smart, if she believes in what you do, her enthusiasm makes working with her a spiritual experience.
— Annie Kagan, Author of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
Jill is a personification of a compassionate dynamo. The energy and enthusiasm for her work and dedication to her clients are both impressive and remarkable qualities of her unique style. She is a master on building relationships, with attentiveness, politeness and a touch of compassion. It has been a pleasure to work with her, not only because it is nice to see a PR agency that really dedicate the time and resources to get the message of their clients out, but because she is an awesome Human Being. We are very proud to partner with her.
— Liane Buck, Visionary and Dreamer, Editor in chief of Omtimes, COO of HHN,HHU, HHI and Dame of Grace DLJ of HOSLJ
Rick Frishman  Former head of Planned TV Arts
Jill is the best body, mind, spirit publicist in the world. Period!
— Rick Frishman, Former head of Planned TV Arts
Jean Houston, Ph.D
Jill Mangino is the finest PR expert I have ever known. If you are serious about getting your product into the public eye, there is no one better. She guides, nurtures and empowers you. And, her ability to get you on programs as well as written stories about you is without parallel. In my experience, which is considerable, she is the the best there is.
— Jean Houston, Ph.D
Reid Tracy  CEO at Hay House, Inc.
Jill is a fantastic Publicist and business partner.
— Reid Tracy, CEO at Hay House, Inc.
Arielle Ford
For the past ten years I have hired Jill to provide PR and marketing services on a variety of projects, always with terrific results. She is a total pro who really cares. If you need an expert who can market your book, products, films and events to the personal growth, health and spirituality space, call Jill !
— Arielle Ford
Richelle Zizian   Communications at Hay House, Inc.
Jill is a professional and creative publicist that I always enjoy working with. She knows the mind-body-spirit industry inside and out and consistently provides fantastic results. I highly recommend Jill !
— Richelle Zizian, Communications at Hay House, Inc.
Charles Richards  Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Educator
I have known Jill and her professional work as a publicist and media consultant for many years. Her expertise, I would consider among the best in the business for her specialty. She is informed, well connected, personable and very effective at thinking out of the box and using all possible resources to promote authors and their publications or projects. You would be fortunate to have Jill take charge of your media or promotional endeavors. She gets results!
— Charles Richards, Psychotherapist | Author | Speaker | Educator
Doug De Stefano  Owner, InnerNet Communications
I find Jill a very savvy PR and Media professional, as well as delightful to work with. She is very reliable and will give more than 100%. I have been lucky to have her as a friend for years as well. She is authentic and a very balanced person. You will be happy to have known and worked with her.
— Doug DeStefano, Owner | InnerNet Communications
Christine Warren  Found & President | Oxygen Plus, Inc.
Jill knows the advertising field inside and out and with ease works creatively with her clients to ‘get the work’ out about their company. She embraces challenges, has an incredible sense of humor, takes initiative and welcomes collaboration. I highly recommend Jill.
— Christine Warren, Founder & President | Oxygen Plus, Inc.
Martin Boroson  One-Moment Meditation
Jill was my publicist for two full book campaigns and also provided ongoing PR for me. She is an enthusiastic and effective publicist who cares deeply about her clients and their message. When Jill took me on as a client, she became a passionate ally and advocated for my work. In addition, many people in the media have told me how much they like Jill and respect her; in a business where contacts are key, this is truly invaluable. Personally, I feel blessed to have had her support and advice. She is a delight.
— Martin Boroson, One Moment Meditation
Steve Paine  National Guild of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, AFL-CIO | President
Jill Mangino is an exceptional person and a first-rate service provider. I have worked with Jill on several projects since 1992 and much of my success as a medical provider and professional association leader I attribute to Jill. She stands first among the best communicators and consensus builders. Perhaps more impressive was her consistent ability to manage a multi-factorial project from beginning to end in a way that left everybody satisfied and got the job done. This she did many times for me.
— Steve Paine, National Guild of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine | AFLCIO, President
Diane Ray  Network Radio Manager | Hay House Radio
Jill Mangino knows how to get the job done. I have worked with Jill with several of our clients and have always found her to be dependable, smart and resourceful. Jill also pays great attention to detail. Let her help you reach your goals.
— Diane Ray, Network Radio Manger | Hay House Radio